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The Blind Man's Rainbow (BMR) is the primary publication of The Blind Press. BMR is printed quarterly, in January, April, July & October. Our readership is about 1,000. Our ISSN number is 1542-6742. We do run ads, but distributing your fliers in our submission responses is much more effective; we reach 10 times as many people that way. For more information about advertising with us, email editor@bmrpoetry.com. The Blind Press is financed through subscriptions, individual sales, and donations from nice people like you.

To communicate with any member of our staff, please use the email or snail-mail addresses to the left. We enjoy personal correspondence, but please allow us time to respond since we are always under deadline.

Our Staff... Find out more about our diligent, underpaid workers & helpers.Melody Sherosky, Editor & Creator of BMR Nathan Condron, Assistant Editor & ReviewsJoann Calabrese, Office Help & General Support Mark Gardner, "Resident" Artist Ben Dewey, Contributing Artist & General Help

Our History... how we started & how we have changed

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