The Blind Press
What We Can Do For You

The Blind Press
PO Box 18219
Denver, CO 80218-0219

  • Chapbooks & Publications ~ We can print your chapbooks, broadsheets, newsletters, catalogs, or pretty much any other publication you are thinking of. Send us your documents in PageMaker, InDesign, Quark, or even Word. Or, just send us the content by mail or email and we will do your layout for you. We work primarily with saddle-stitching (if you are interested in perfect binding, check out Main Street Rag Publishing), and will create publications even of the unusual sizes that Kinko's will charge you extra for.We can add art, indexes, and get you an ISBN or ISSN number and barcode. After printing, we can advertise your publication on our website and sell copies for you. Email or write to us with the specifics of your project. We look forward to working with you!
  • Promote Yourself ~ Looking for ways to advertise yourself, your work, or a new project? We can help by making postcards, bookmarks, and fliers for your cause. With your work on the front of a postcard, you can choose to give them away free, mail them to all your correspondents, or sell them. Bookmarks have a very long life and get passed around forever. We can sell them for you, too. There are many varieties and colors of cardstock available to choose from. Bookmarks and postcards start at 15 cents each with a minimum purchase of 50. For an additional charge, we will also laminate your bookmarks. Ask us about stickers, too!
  • Advertise With Us ~ While we do accept ads for BMR, we encourage you to try our flier system first. We mail out thousands of items, from acceptance & rejection letters to correspondence with other publications and editors. We will include your fliers in our mail, just $10 for 100 fliers.
  • We're Cheap ~ We do a lot of the work ourselves because we are obsessive perfectionists. Doing work in-house means we don't have to add other people's fees into the price of your project. We also really want to work with you. If you have a project idea that is not within your budget, we will help you cut corners and find ways to make it within your means.