The Blind Man's Rainbow

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BMR is a quarterly publication combining original art and poetry from around the world. Each issue also includes reviews and listings for other independent press publications. With a desire to foster artistic growth, we regularly comment on submissions and encourage new writers by accepting all forms of poetry. The Blind Press also offers chapbook design and other promotional services..


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07/15/04 ... The Summer 2004 Issue is out! Get a copy for just $4.00. Have not received your copy? We recently received some of our issues back after a postal error and are in the process of sending them out again. Let us know if you are missing your copy!

05/17/04 ... IMPORTANT! Our website hosting service,, completely and unexpectadly folded last week. This site was unavailable and OUR EMAIL FROM BEFORE TODAY DISAPPEARED. Imagine our surprise. We are back up and running with a (hopefully) more dependable hosting service, but if you have recently emailed us we probably did not receive it. Please send it again!

04/26/04 ... If you have not noticed already, please note our change of address.

Praise for The Blind Man's Rainbow

"Each Issue of The Blind Man's Rainbow gets better and better. I am very proud to be associated with your publication."
- Patricia G. Rourke, Michigan
"Every poet should be happy thinking to be present one day under the arc of the 'Blind Man's Rainbow.'"
- David Trame, Venice, ITALY
"Thanks for the latest 'Rainbow.' ... In 20 years a guaranteed collector's item."
- Jen Dunford, Rhode Island
"I just want to let you know how kind it was of you to comment on my submission to Blind Man's Rainbow. I read your letter to one of my writing groups and they said I should frame it! They are as aware as I am that not many editors take time to write as you did. Not only that - your critique was positive and encouraging. Thanks again."
- Marianna Schifferdecker, Illinois

Last Updated: 30 July 2004